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We know your time is valuable. Reduce the amount of time you have to spend in the office by downloading the applicable forms below...bring, fax, or email them for your appointment. 
Live out of State?...not a problem complete the worksheet and email or fax to us! We prepare State returns for all 50 States!
(You will need Adobe Reader to download .pdf files.)

Need help valuing your charitable donations...visit the website of the organization to which you donated to locate a charitable donation valuation chart or click on the link above to view a valuation chart.

Download and complete the above Tax Summary worksheet for Individual, self-employed and rental property owners taxpayers. Please note the "required document" sheet attached with this worksheet, a list of MUST HAVE documents to complete your tax return. 

 Download Form 8332 if you are claiming your child who does not live with you, and you do not have a divorce or separation agreement specifying who and when your children should be claimed on your return, the custodial (physical custodian) parent must sign this form and you must bring the signed form to your appointment; or grandparents claiming child who lived with them.

Download Partnership Worksheet (partnership/limited liability company)to prepare for completion of your business.
Corp Info Worksheet.xls (XLS — 49 KB)

Download Corporate Worksheet to prepare for completion of your business return.

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